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Share what you love

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Special collections

Special collections

The Method

Thicker hair from root to tip

The Curly Method

Enhancing Your Curls

The Blowout Method

Straight, Smooth Style

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Theorem obsessed customers can turn on autoship for their favorite products to not only save money, but they don’t have to ever worry about running out. t-insider orders always get free shipping and are easy to cancel or postpone a delivery. Hair Specialists love offering this program to their customers as a way to produce a consistent income on top of keeping their customers happy with their hair!

Hair chemistry at its best

Access to the latest clinical studies and ingredients ensures that our formulas are always one step ahead of the rest. Theorem products are scientifically proven to repair and improve your hair, no matter what type of hair you have! Our team has worked on 10’s of thousands of formulations throughout their careers. Theorem is the culmination of our most promising research, resulting in the first brand to devise a 3-dimensional solution to achieve thicker hair from root to tip!

Driven by beauty, backed by science

Our team is composed of brilliant scientists and designers with 75 years of combined experience. We have developed best-selling products with over a billion dollars in revenue sold worldwide. Disappointed with products on the shelf, we designed unique formulas with proven results to give YOU, your very best hair!

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